March 2017

The Vanilla Couple – Adult Couples Sex Games

My wife and I have been swingers for quite a while. We have had lots of experiences with couples, singles etc.  but there was this one couple we both really found hot and we wanted to play adult couples sex games with them.  He was the DJ of a party we often went to and his wife was bisexual but he was not into swinging at all. She was open to the idea but he was the macho type guy that was very conservative with his woman. We had been friends with them for a while and always enjoyed our time out with them but, as much as we wanted to play with them we knew he would not have it.

One day, we had gone to a pool party and the four of us came back to our place since it was close by to hang out a while.  Recently my wife and I had been looking at some sexy games online, the type for adults only.  We have bought some previous so called adult couples sex games or party games for adults but they were all silly or corny.  There was this one game that looked like a well thought out, party game for adults.  We had ordered it to see if it was as good as it seemed. Since we had been partying for a while and everyone was having a good time and drinks had got us in a good mood, my wife decided to bring out the game.  She just started to set it up and to our surprise the couple started reading the instructions and decided to play.  I asked them “have you guys ever played a party game for adults before?” They said they had tried some sexy games before but nothing they seen before looked as good as this one.

We set up the game and began to play.  This game made us laugh so hard we couldn’t breathe.  There was this card where you had to motor boat one of the girl’s breasts and when the conservative guy motor boats my wife’s breast comes out and says Kawasaki the best outboard motor money can buy, as if he was doing a commercial for them. His face was so funny we couldn’t breathe.  The game went on and we learned we played we sucked we came and came hard! All this from an adults only games, give me more I thought!! After all the fun we had to ask him why were you comfortable to do this today? We have been trying to have sex with you guys for years what made you do it today?  His response made a lot of sense, this game is well thought out but the best part is, these adult couples sex games remove jealousy because the dice determines who does what with whom.  That took away my jealousy because I want to have sexy game fun and the game allows everyone one to but without the aggressiveness some people can show. Anyway, great game Couplicious Team. Thanks for the past…and future… memories 😉

Adult Couples Sex Games  - Couplicious

Mike (in Chicago)

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Sexy Games At My Birthday Party

I am single guy and for my 26th birthday I decided to invite some of my other single friends over to hang out see what if any sex party games might happen. A couple of these girls I have wanted to get to know better but for whatever reasons our schedules never worked out.  About eight people came over, two couples (friends of my best friend), four girls and myself.  I have a pool and BBQ so we drank, talked crap, flirted and played some volleyball in the pool and just had good summer fun.  After winding down outside we bought the party into the living room for more cocktails and conversation.  My best friend had given me this adults only game for my birthday called Couplicious. Well it is a hot party game for adults that I can tell you gave me the best birthday ever! Yes, a sex game kind of board game.  Since we were all at a party I decided to ask if anyone wanted to play “sexy games” with this game I got myself for my birthday! To my surprise, after some apprehension, everyone said OK. I guess the drinks had kicked in!

We read the instructions and started playing. This sex game is interesting as not only had  interesting sex education trivia many of us didn’t know, it also made us laugh quite a bit. It asked questions of the group and it was very interesting to see how people who are “turned-on” by certain things and the sexual fantasies people admit to, really makes you like that person better for their honesty.  These sex party games bring out wild stories of people’s lives and things they have done you likely never imagined.  We’re al not so different after all I thought. The game also, puts you in different role plays that is sexually hot, and sometimes very hilarious!

After a few drinks and rolling of the dice, we are taking drink shots off bodies, touching and kissing each other and flirting intensely.  The game has a way of making people want to explore and not be the shy one of the group.  The game works by rolling of the dice and using cards to put you into a role play or a dare etc.  There are these cards called cock-block cards and when you acquire a cock-block card if a player is going to do something to someone else and you want to do it instead you can execute your cock block card and steal the action for yourself.  These sex party games keep everyone having fun and laughing and involves many different scenarios from role play, to a Truth or Dare scenarios, to including a sand-timer that, well you’ll have to enjoy what that is for yourself. Everyone is involved in the action as the game progresses and the the “horny level” keeps rising and it gets intense and hot.  I have played other party games for adults but they were all cheesy and not very exciting. Couplicious, your team rocks!

Sex party games - Couplicious

These really sexy games played by all of us really turned my birthday into an the best day of my life, to date anyway!  I am sure it will bring many more. We never finished the game but let’s say my birthday had lots of orgasms that no other adults only sex game has ever accomplished! I think I will fire up the BBQ next week and have some friends over. – JC. Dallas

glad your birthday was an amazing time  —Ed.

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Best Adult Party Games? I Vote Couplicious!

Hello, had to share this story on what happened Saturday night.  My wife and I had planned to take a couple we are friends with and have played with before to their first Fetish Party. At these party’s people are into all kind of sexy games, some a little intense. Normally, the best adult party games aren’t great but this one night was. Some sex board games are a bit kinkier than others, mostly all are sex board games and I mean to spell that “bored”.  Anyway, back to the story, my girl and I decided to go back to our place a tall luxury building in Miami. It was about 3am. Who says nothing good happens 3am?

Well, normally in my condo building (it’s 36 sotries) around that time in NY there are many people coming home from going out and this night was no different.  As we arrived, a taxi pulled up to the main door and three young hot girls were coming home from clubbing. The four of us got into the elevator and so did the three girls.  My wife looks at me and has that face of I am going to do something wild. She says hello to the girls and says to them, “Hi girls the night is still young, why don’t you guys join us for some drinks and hang out with us.”  I was thinking sarcastically “sure babe that’s going to happen!”, but the girls looked at each other and said “OK”.  Me and the other guy just looked at each other like “no way!”  So, we got to the apartment and set out some drinks for everyone with the intention of playing only the best adult party games.

A few days months we had ordered some other party games for adults online. These were all sex board games and of the party games for adults we played almost all were lame and silly, but one of them stood out above the rest. The game was called Couplicious, so my wife had the idea to bring it out and see if everyone wanted to play. Our friends were obviously down with playing, but the question was, were these girls down to play this sexy game with total strangers?  It is bold to just pull out an adults only game on 3 girls you just met in the elevator but my wife brings it out and says: “Hey let’s play the best adult party games from Couplicious.  The girls look at each other and tow of theee said “OK!”  Again, me and my friend look at each other with a nobody–is–going–to–believe–this expression.

So, before I get into the game play, the story on the girls was as follows: one was here visiting from out of town, the other was married and husband was on a business trip and the third lived a few buildings down.  We set up the game and start playing. This game starts off getting people to talk about fantasies and sharing things they have done or want to do some day.  It also teaches you and makes you think outside the box. It is very good and expanding your sexuality and take your mind in directions you normally wouldn’t think of.

As it progresses you laugh learn and share.  Soon after the game starts removing people’s clothes and getting into sexual acts that only an adult only game would create.  Like you draw a playing card, “blindfold and feel all the girl’s vaginas and try to guess who is who”.  A few hours into it, things are getting hot and steamy, girl-on-girl playing, eventually the night turned out into a full-on orgy between two guys and 5 girls.  When the sun started to come up, I had to ask the girls, “I have to know what made you guys get into this game so intensely?  All the girls had the same answer, “aside from you guys making us feel comfortable the game really got us in the mood as it the mild cards eased us into the vibe. it was fun and we’re all having a great time, it wasn’t pushy and since the dice picks who does what with whom it removes any jealous accepts that can arise. I guess the “game made me do it” one of them said. She continued to say that she had played lots of adult games, but that this was one of the best adult party games she had ever played. All I can say is this one chance elevator meeting turned into the best party game for adults who love to try or want group sex, ever!

Couplicious is a great sex board game and is now our secret weapon whenever we have a party or meet new friends we want to introduce to our little world of group sex. Thanks to you guys for creating this.


Mark + Suzanne, NYC


Best Adult Party Games - Couplicious


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sexy fuck games

Sexy Fuck Games – Sex Board Games Meets Sex Rock Lyrics

Seems like I got those sexy fuck games in my head tonight

…I wanted to write to Couplicious to share my story; My girlfriend and I were playing Couplicious one night with two other couples and one other single girl. All friends, all partying with us after some cocktails and, well, you know, and this song comes on from some small time rock band and I am thinking these lyrics; Sexy Fuck Games are hilarious and perfect while we are playing the sex game with two other couples. We all had to laugh and introduced some of the song’s scenario into our role play later than night but more in a group way. What an awesome f**king night full of laughter, partying and hot group fucking! Thanks guys at Couplicious for the best adult sex game ever…just wish I woulda’ owned it years ago! I posted these lyrics for everyone…

– JB,  Akron, OH

Can’t sleep, I partied all night, all those tits and assess glistened in the soft moonlight.
Up on the silver screen, the booty looks so clean, the porn stars and the sex machines.
Went out to the garage and hopped in my ‘Stang.
Pushed the pedal to the metal to get out of town.

The wind in my hair, the music on ten, that’s when I saw her by the railroad bend.
Jet black hair, had thighs to the sky, her perky tits made me check my fly.
She was leaving Racine, said she keeps her throttle clean
She was the best damn thing that I’d ever seen.

So I took a chance, grabbed all my cash, she offered no romance, just a quick one on the overpass.
Climbed in my car, her soaking wet top, tits jutting out like dreams from afar.
She was wet underneath, I pushed them aside, stroke that piston all the way inside.
She grabbed my crotch and I said if you like what you see, you can do whatever you want, just be sure to swallow that meat and don’t waste a drop.

All she ever played were sexy fuck games on me.
All she ever said was, “come all over me”

Music cranked, her ass was spanked, head bobbing up and down like a champ.
Then she opened her mouth, licked her lips, sucked my cock and grabbed my hips.
The rhythm we rocked, the burning exhaust, left the engine running in case of the cops.

All she ever played were sexy fuck games on me.
All she ever said was, “come all over me”

so ya’ know I did as I held her head to mine…

All she ever played were sexy fuck games on me.
All she ever said was, “come all over me”

All she ever played were sexy fuck games on me.
All she ever said was, “come all over me”

— — —

“We like it. Cheezy fun lyrics reminds us of Spinal long as it was  great for fucking we say whatever gets the party started.”


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