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the best sex games for couples and groups

Couplicious  – Voted One Of The Best Sex Games For Couples

Adult sex games for couples, threesomes, group sex and more!

Our expert panel brings you the most arousing and fun board game experience by combining more than 50 years of sexy encounters and titillating moments. This sex game, unlike all other sex games, will create revealing, funny, and exciting sexual scenarios sure to entice all players. From the most coy and inexperienced to the most adventurous lifestyle veteran, Couplicious is the best adult sex game you’ve been looking for.

This amazing sex game has minor competitiveness, but everyone is a winner! If you’re looking for fresh erotic experiences, this is the game for you. Couplicious was specifically designed to satisfy couples and singles of all lifestyle comfort levels: from the couple or single player discovering steamy sexual game play with others for the first time, to the seasoned veterans of the lifestyle who are looking for a new way to have fun and meet new hot and sexy game partners! All you do is invite your open-minded (or vanilla) friends over, and this sex game will engage your friends and take care of the rest. Couplicious really is one of the best sex games for couples.

Get ready to enjoy a Couplicious night that only this adult sex games can create!

Playing Couplicious will create a lifetime of memories that would be very difficult to create otherwise, in any situation! In the spirit of group play and sexual harmony for all players, we want you to experience hours of erotic play and pleasure and help others do the same!

Players will enjoy the camaraderie and chill vibe of the lifestyle community, which this game promotes, and helps those who want new experiences to check their inhibitions and embrace sexy, erotic fun — and so will you!

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