Who Would Love Couplicious?

  • Any man or woman wanting to experience a threesome, foursome, or fun group play
  • Couples looking to spice up their sex lives
  • Couples looking to explore sex with new partners
  • Seasoned lifestyle couples who want to add another dimension to their fun
  • Couples looking to remove any awkwardness of getting together with another couple and no one is sure how to make the first move. Couplicious ‘breaks the ice’ for you
  • Single guys looking to have some hot friends over for a wild night to remember
  • People looking to host the sexiest party ever and make a lifetime of erotic memories!

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“I was so amazed how comfortable this game made the ladies feel and how much fun they had. It was a night we will never forget!”

Jorge C. / Miami, FL

Why Couplicious

Couplicious was invented by lifestyle pioneers including adult club managers, couple advice counselors, and event party planners who have created the best lifestyle events around the world.

Our expert panel brings you the most arousing and fun board game experience by combining more than 50 years of sexy encounters and titillating moments. We have created revealing, sensual, and funny scenarios sure to entice all players from the most coy and inexperienced to the most adventurous lifestyle veteran. We also had several women review and have final approval on all playing cards to make it “female-friendly” and comfortable for you ladies.

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I felt so comfortable laughing and even learning about sex, I explored some of my sexual fantasies with orgasmic results!

Darlene G. / Hollywood, FL

How Couplicious Works

Couplicious is fun & competitive and everyone’s a winner!

If you’re looking for fresh hot and erotic experiences, this is the game for you. Couplicious was specifically designed to satisfy couples and singles of ALL lifestyle comfort levels; from the couple or single player discovering erotic play with others for the first time, to the seasoned veterans of the lifestyle who are looking for a new way to have fun and meet new sexy partners.

Couplicious never gets old because with over 200 cards (100 Mild, 100 Wild), plus 20 “Cock Block” cards, the amount of variations and individual creativity brought to each sexy scenario will  keep keep building the sexual excitement as you progress thru hot game play turn after turn!

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“Having so many years of experience in the lifestyle, I was skeptical that a boardgame would be so much fun! Was I wrong, I will never forget all the fun we had!”

Brian R. / Los Angeles, CA

Couplicious Night

All you do is invite your open-minded or vanilla friends over, and Couplicious will engage your friends and take care of the rest.  Get ready to enjoy a Couplicious night that only this game can create! 

What’s Included:

Game Board (20” x 20”) | 100 – Mild Cards | 100 – Wild Cards | 20 – Cock Block Cards | 1 – 8-Sided Die | 1 – 60 Second Sand Timer | 8 – Game Pawns | Full-color Instructions.

And to help you find additional players, a FREE 30-day membership to SDC.com (Swingers Date Club). A $23 Value!

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“I don’t know what happened, but after laughing so much and seeing all the sexy acts going on, I felt so comfortable about going in the hot fun, and so glad I did! Can’t wait to play again!”

Mary L. / Dallas, TX

A Lifetime of Memories

Playing Couplicious will create a lifetime of memories that would be very difficult to create otherwise, in any situation!

In the spirit of group play and sexual harmony for all players, we want you to experience hours of erotic play and pleasure and help others do the same! We discovered in numerous focus group testing of game play, that people will gladly step out of their usual comfort zone and do erotic actions in the spirit of fun and cooperation… and so will you!

Players will enjoy the camaraderie and chill vibe of the lifestyle community, which this game promotes, and helps those who want new experiences to check their inhibitions and embrace the erotic fun — and so will you!

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“Brilliant game! It brought the naughty out of everyone in a fun and relaxed way. Loved it!”

Michael & Susan / New York, NY