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Sexy Games At My Birthday Party

I am single guy and for my 26th birthday I decided to invite some of my other single friends over to hang out see what if any sex party games might happen. A couple of these girls I have wanted to get to know better but for whatever reasons our schedules never worked out.  About eight people came over, two couples (friends of my best friend), four girls and myself.  I have a pool and BBQ so we drank, talked crap, flirted and played some volleyball in the pool and just had good summer fun.  After winding down outside we bought the party into the living room for more cocktails and conversation.  My best friend had given me this adults only game for my birthday called Couplicious. Well it is a hot party game for adults that I can tell you gave me the best birthday ever! Yes, a sex game kind of board game.  Since we were all at a party I decided to ask if anyone wanted to play “sexy games” with this game I got myself for my birthday! To my surprise, after some apprehension, everyone said OK. I guess the drinks had kicked in!

We read the instructions and started playing. This sex game is interesting as not only had  interesting sex education trivia many of us didn’t know, it also made us laugh quite a bit. It asked questions of the group and it was very interesting to see how people who are “turned-on” by certain things and the sexual fantasies people admit to, really makes you like that person better for their honesty.  These sex party games bring out wild stories of people’s lives and things they have done you likely never imagined.  We’re al not so different after all I thought. The game also, puts you in different role plays that is sexually hot, and sometimes very hilarious!

After a few drinks and rolling of the dice, we are taking drink shots off bodies, touching and kissing each other and flirting intensely.  The game has a way of making people want to explore and not be the shy one of the group.  The game works by rolling of the dice and using cards to put you into a role play or a dare etc.  There are these cards called cock-block cards and when you acquire a cock-block card if a player is going to do something to someone else and you want to do it instead you can execute your cock block card and steal the action for yourself.  These sex party games keep everyone having fun and laughing and involves many different scenarios from role play, to a Truth or Dare scenarios, to including a sand-timer that, well you’ll have to enjoy what that is for yourself. Everyone is involved in the action as the game progresses and the the “horny level” keeps rising and it gets intense and hot.  I have played other party games for adults but they were all cheesy and not very exciting. Couplicious, your team rocks!

Sex party games - Couplicious

These really sexy games played by all of us really turned my birthday into an the best day of my life, to date anyway!  I am sure it will bring many more. We never finished the game but let’s say my birthday had lots of orgasms that no other adults only sex game has ever accomplished! I think I will fire up the BBQ next week and have some friends over. – JC. Dallas

glad your birthday was an amazing time  —Ed.

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  1. May 8, 2017

    I will be putting this dazznilg insight to good use in no time.

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