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Best Adult Party Games? I Vote Couplicious!

Hello, had to share this story on what happened Saturday night.  My wife and I had planned to take a couple we are friends with and have played with before to their first Fetish Party. At these party’s people are into all kind of sexy games, some a little intense. Normally, the best adult party games aren’t great but this one night was. Some sex board games are a bit kinkier than others, mostly all are sex board games and I mean to spell that “bored”.  Anyway, back to the story, my girl and I decided to go back to our place a tall luxury building in Miami. It was about 3am. Who says nothing good happens 3am?

Well, normally in my condo building (it’s 36 sotries) around that time in NY there are many people coming home from going out and this night was no different.  As we arrived, a taxi pulled up to the main door and three young hot girls were coming home from clubbing. The four of us got into the elevator and so did the three girls.  My wife looks at me and has that face of I am going to do something wild. She says hello to the girls and says to them, “Hi girls the night is still young, why don’t you guys join us for some drinks and hang out with us.”  I was thinking sarcastically “sure babe that’s going to happen!”, but the girls looked at each other and said “OK”.  Me and the other guy just looked at each other like “no way!”  So, we got to the apartment and set out some drinks for everyone with the intention of playing only the best adult party games.

A few days months we had ordered some other party games for adults online. These were all sex board games and of the party games for adults we played almost all were lame and silly, but one of them stood out above the rest. The game was called Couplicious, so my wife had the idea to bring it out and see if everyone wanted to play. Our friends were obviously down with playing, but the question was, were these girls down to play this sexy game with total strangers?  It is bold to just pull out an adults only game on 3 girls you just met in the elevator but my wife brings it out and says: “Hey let’s play the best adult party games from Couplicious.  The girls look at each other and tow of theee said “OK!”  Again, me and my friend look at each other with a nobody–is–going–to–believe–this expression.

So, before I get into the game play, the story on the girls was as follows: one was here visiting from out of town, the other was married and husband was on a business trip and the third lived a few buildings down.  We set up the game and start playing. This game starts off getting people to talk about fantasies and sharing things they have done or want to do some day.  It also teaches you and makes you think outside the box. It is very good and expanding your sexuality and take your mind in directions you normally wouldn’t think of.

As it progresses you laugh learn and share.  Soon after the game starts removing people’s clothes and getting into sexual acts that only an adult only game would create.  Like you draw a playing card, “blindfold and feel all the girl’s vaginas and try to guess who is who”.  A few hours into it, things are getting hot and steamy, girl-on-girl playing, eventually the night turned out into a full-on orgy between two guys and 5 girls.  When the sun started to come up, I had to ask the girls, “I have to know what made you guys get into this game so intensely?  All the girls had the same answer, “aside from you guys making us feel comfortable the game really got us in the mood as it the mild cards eased us into the vibe. it was fun and we’re all having a great time, it wasn’t pushy and since the dice picks who does what with whom it removes any jealous accepts that can arise. I guess the “game made me do it” one of them said. She continued to say that she had played lots of adult games, but that this was one of the best adult party games she had ever played. All I can say is this one chance elevator meeting turned into the best party game for adults who love to try or want group sex, ever!

Couplicious is a great sex board game and is now our secret weapon whenever we have a party or meet new friends we want to introduce to our little world of group sex. Thanks to you guys for creating this.


Mark + Suzanne, NYC


Best Adult Party Games - Couplicious


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    And I was just woenrding about that too!

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