April 2017

Swinger Board Games – How Hot The Sex Has Become

Hey Couplicious staff! I’ve played a lot of the best swinger board games over the years.

I just wanted to say that by leaps and bounds, Couplicious is far and away the best swinger board games ever—and I mean ever!! OMG, on a scale of 1-10 it is a 12 especially to have a hot night with some friends and open-minded adults. What is great is it can be played just by me and my husband to keep things spiced up in our sex lives, or with up two eight players. I love the effort and thought put into the Mild and Wild cards type categories especially the Truth/Dare and Role Play one’s stand out. Wow did we have some incredibly hot intense erotic buildup and arousal from some of those! And some of the things you have to do like blind-folded ad figuring out by sucking every man’s cock, or every woman’s breasts or pussy’s are so funny to both do…and watch someone else do. It can be extremely sexy and interesting and very creative sexually. Some of the best organs in my life have come after getting sexed up by playing y0ur sex game.


“Everyone’s Pleasure” (Wild Card)

” Swinger board games through and through have brought my husband and I closer sexually. “

So I say this having grown up in a more sexually conservative area and now we re free, open-minded swingers in the lifestyle. Our lives and sex lives have never been better and we even took a trip to a lifestyle resort in Playa del Carmen and saw your board game at the “swingers takeover week” and they had a copy of Couplicious for the guests to play. Needless to say we ended up getting six other players who wanted to play and had some cocktails in the sunset which ended with alll of us going back to one of their hotel suites and engaging in the hottest group sex play ever until the early morning.

Anyway, just anted to share my experience and than you for the best swinger board games ever!

J & S,

Somewhere in freezing Michigan


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Sexy Fuck Games – Sweet As Fruit

You always love the sexy fuck games I play with your mind and your body.

Gazing forward, naked, all you see are the colors in your mind. A sea of green grass swaying in the wind. A warmth fills between your legs, you are floating in a never-ending field of thigh-high grass, lying on the hillside beneath a Mango tree. It’s sweet aromas enhance your senses, gracing your body and senses into that of the sweet fruit all around you. You breathe in tasting the nectar on the top of your tongue, it fills your lungs so deeply as you lick your lips for its moisture. Rolling onto your back your skin nestling against the soft blanket… it’s so warm now between your legs as you wished that man from your dream last night was here now to ravage you, his body lowering onto yours, his lips upon your back, his sex presses against your mound as you feel my warm cock grow hard against your flesh. Your body releases its own nectar from the anticipation, glsitening from between your baby-smooth lips and trickling down to your inner thighs.



Find out what happens next…click on image!

I blindfold you with your silk scarf and then you feel it between your legs, against your sex. You still feel like you are dreaming but it feels so real and good, this smooth, wet, silky bulb between you legs as it enters your moist sex. Damn, these mind-fucking porn games I do you you because I can, and you love not knowing what comes next.

The taste of mango is now on your lips and you taste it and i pull it back, letting you sample its sweetness and texture, but there is another sensation just beneath it, can you be dreaming still, it seems so real? But as much as the feeling between your legs is real, this is as real too, your pussy is now open, your lips parting as it enters, sweet like the sweetest fruit, yet warm and slippery, it moves deeper into your sex, parting you lips so wide and you feel it now, a bulb you think it is my cock, but the shape is wrong. Your wet pussy now coated in its own nectar it mixes with the nectar of that which is penetrating your sex.

It is throbbing and you are consumed by it and yet how can this feeling be also between your pussy, god, it is soooo wet down there you want to rub it furiously, your soaked dripping pussy and yet you wonder how my cock is inside at the same time and then you realize it is the mango between your sex, its skin removed smothering your parted lips as its pulp as it is moving inside of you. It feels just like cum all inside youy pussy and you grind into it ever harder and harder, forcing it in deeper until you take it deep inside you, its seed now within you, filling your pussy completely full as your muscles squeeze it tightly. Your pussy is stretched and filled as your tongue swirls upon my cock, licking and sucking it deep until you can’t take this feeling inside your pussy anymore. Your hand is rubbing your clit faster and faster and you clench down with your pussy as your nectar explodes through your sex and wets your body with glimmering light..

My moans echo in your head, I am with you, my lips by your neck and my teeth nibble on those sexy earlobes, your breathing heavier now. Your pussy throbbing, my cock in your mouth as you are getting close again, you are ready to explode and are moaning with wild abandon form the pleasure deep within your pussy, the sounds escaping from you even as you suck my glistening cock covered in your saliva and the mango’s luxurious pulp. Your pussy cannot take this feeling of being so full as you finger has your clit, ready to explode…faster now faster… and faster, we yell out, your cum so hard, shooting your juices out of your aching, stretched pussy, we explode together and you taste me for the first time, sweet as the mango’s nectar. We are free and we embrace exhausted under the tree shading our naked bodies. The wind blows gently, soothing our skin and glistening from our last sexy fuck game. We rest, waiting for tomorrow and a whole new set of hot sex games to be created. But for now, we are free, drifting slowly to dream yet tomorrow will bring.

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